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we all just want to be legendary

Hello! My name is Elder Young, did you know Jesus lived here in the usa? You can read all about it now, in this nifty book it's free! No you dont have to pay. Just kidding I'm Denise, musical theater's my life as you can tell from my first quote. I'm 17 and from Southern new jersey, I'm a senior in highschool and music is my life like I listen to a lot of it.I'm in basically every fandom there is but, if you are into one I don't blog about just tell me and I'll look into starting it. I'm always here to talk to you guys no matter what, i love hearing from you. You guys can ask me about my gender identity and my sexuality If you would like. I'm currently single but if someone wants to change that, hit me up brahh. I'm totally kidding about that last part at least get to know me first.
instagram: denise_elizabeth97
snapchat/kik: nesie97
hope to hear from you guys soon bye lovies

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